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Eastwood Meadows Trail
Allegany State Park


Eastwood Meadow Trail
Allegany State Park


Eastwood Meadow Trail
Allegany State Park

Purple and Green

Moss and Fungus on a Log
Eastwood Meadow Trail
Allegany State Park, Western New York

Oak Leaf in the Grass at Sunset


CCAC 6X6 Fundraiser – What a Blast!

What a brilliantly conceived and executed fundraiser! I had a blast the Cattaraugus County Arts Council’s first (annual?) 6X6 fundraising event. Here’s the concept: artists and aspiring artists from throughout the region and beyond were invited to donated an original piece of artwork that measured exactly 6X6 inches.

CCAC 6X6 (1 of 6)

3-D artists were not excluded – their work had to fit on a 6X6 mat.

CCAC 6X6 (2 of 6)

Admission was $10, which included food and beverages. There was an option to purchase a $50 admission which put you in the running to be among those who got to pick first.  When you paid your admission, you were given a card with instructions for how the evening would run and 6 or 8 stickers with your Buyer Number on them.

At exactly 7pm, executive director Anne began pulling the names of the first pick ticket holders randomly from a bowl.

CCAC 6X6 (3 of 6)

First pick ticket holders had 60 seconds to put their claim on up to 5 pieces of artwork by placing their Buyer Number stickers on the wall to the bottom right of the artwork they wanted to purchase.

CCAC 6X6 (4 of 6)

CCAC 6X6 (5 of 6)

The first pick portion of the evening lasted 30 minutes. It was fun to see what was chosen and to hear the groans from the rest of the crowd as a favorite piece was claimed. Once the first-pickers were done, it became a free-for-all. Everyone was free to put their stickers under the pieces they wanted to buy, but they were asked to leave their pieces up until 8pm for viewing. Check out began at 8pm with each piece bringing $25.

By the end of the evening, more than half of the 352 donated pieces had sold. The rest will be available for sale at the Arts Council over the next few weeks – so if you missed the event, you still have a chance to get great origional art at a fantastic price.

CCAC 6X6 (6 of 6)

There were a lot of people. It was fast-paced and fun. I had a great time.

Sweet Gum

Sweet Gum Leaf in the Snow

Snow in the Parking Lot

Snow in the Parking Lot

Blackberry Leaves

Blackberry Leaf in November


Honeysuckle Leaves in November