Exhibit is Up

I was invited to display my work at the Cattaraugus County Arts Council’s Art on Main Gallery. I suggested they consider allowing me to share the show with my daughter and they agreed. And so, I announce:

Don’t Think!
a mother-daughter exhibit)
September 1 – October 26, 2012

The exhibit is organized into 4 panels.

Don’t Think. Just Draw!

As we were preparing for the exhibit, we tossed around a dozen or more titles and concepts for this exhibit. None hit the mark. None resonated. None inspired. Then one day while in the midst of a creative block, Maddie got her inspiration: Don’t think. Just draw.

Don’t Think. We liked the sound of it.

This panel contains charcoal drawings by Maddie:


Don’t Think. Just Play!

Cadillac Ranch is a public participation art installation in Amarillo, Texas which we visited in June of 2011. Imagine a vast, barren agricultural field, not yet planted. In the middle of the field are ten Cadillacs “installed” nose first in the ground. Each is covered with layer upon layer of spray paint. We, of course, added our layers. The photographs in this panel were taken by Jennifer of Maddie’s creations on one of these cars.


Maddie also acquired a car door, which she spray-painted in Cadillac Ranch style. It is a part of the exhibit and she left markers so that visitors can play. Here’s Maddie demonstrating:

Don’t Think. Just Shoot.

Letting go of analysis and judgment is good advice no matter what your medium. Charcoal on paper. Spray paint on Cadillac. Photography.

Sometimes we go out with an intention to shoot one thing, but by being open and aware, we find beauty everywhere. In this panel, the car photos are Maddie’s. The small photos are a study Jennifer did of the graffiti on a guard rail at a scenic overlook she and Maddie visited:


Nature Photography

What is nature photography? Landscapes? Flowers? Elusive wildlife?

For me, it’s a flash of perception. Something catches my eye ~ because of its color, or texture, or the way the light plays off of it ~ and I try to
capture the moment.

P.S. Sometimes I find things in nature that are wholly unnatural.


I’ll be putting more details about the exhibit up at my website: www.jenniferscottschlick.com.



One thought on “Exhibit is Up

  1. Bob September 1, 2012 at 5:57 pm Reply

    This looks absolutely incredible! Too bad I won’t get to see it until the day it is coming down.

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