Monthly Archives: September 2013



I’m working on two exhibits at the same time and finding they overlap. In April 2014 is Myopia in which I show how I see the world through my near-sighted eyes. In October 2014 is I Call This Home in which I and three other photographers show what home means to us.

Part of what is home to me is really good food.  And If I can say it grew in my garden, so much the better.  So does this photo belong in that collection?  Or in the Myopia collection?  hmm…

Macro Lens and Copper Pots

I borrowed the Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro lens from a friend.   I like the way things are coming out so far…  I can be a little further from the subject and if I use a higher f-value (this one was taken at f9.0), I seem to be getting more of the colors and patterns in focus!  Very excited to keep experimenting.

Here’s one at f10:


Very little post processing.  Just cropping and a little bit of light and sharpening.  These colors are exactly what I’m seeing on the bottom of my pots when I don’t polish them!


It’s the best month of Summer.