I’m working on two exhibits at the same time and finding they overlap. In April 2014 is Myopia in which I show how I see the world through my near-sighted eyes. In October 2014 is I Call This Home in which I and three other photographers show what home means to us.

Part of what is home to me is really good food.  And If I can say it grew in my garden, so much the better.  So does this photo belong in that collection?  Or in the Myopia collection?  hmm…


One thought on “Tomatoes

  1. Beatriz October 1, 2013 at 11:13 pm Reply

    Hi Jennifer, congratulations on your beautiful pictures!
    I’m a PhD student in the area of plant biology and I would like to use
    one of your images to ilustrate the diversity of floral forms in the
    ranunulaceae family. The image I’m looking for in particular is the
    one of a Thalictrum dioicum (early meadow rue). If you grant permission, the image will be featured as a one inch square in a panel of 17 other species in an introductory piece to my PhD thesis. Credit will be due of
    course. Please let me know if this is ok and if so how I should
    properly acknowledge authorship.
    Thank you in advance for your time,

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