Monthly Archives: March 2014

Reflection in the Snow Melt


Day 12
6:15pm March 31, 2014
New York Street, Lakewood, NY
Reflections in the Snow Melt on the Driveway

I had already taken a different picture and thought I was done. Then these colors caught my eye.


Waiting for the Thaw


Day 11
5:30pm March 30, 2014
West Lake Street, Lakewood, NY
Waiting for the Thaw

Women Create


Day 10
5:30pm March 29, 2014
3rd on 3rd Gallery, Jamestown, NY
Closing Night

I pretty much love everything about Women Create. Tonight, we transformed the gallery into a restaurant. It was awesome.

Cloudy with a Chance of Joy


Day 9
4:30pm March 28, 2014
Route 62, Jamestown, NY
Cloudy with a Chance of Joy

This picture was inspired by the Ted Talk I watched this morning by the same title. Did you know there is a Cloud Appreciation Society? Check out the talk here:

Storm Drain

Day 8
8:15am March 27, 2014
Parking Lot, Audubon Center & Sanctuary, Jamestown, NY
Storm Drain

Kinda hoping today is the last of temperatures in the teens… ┬átill next winter, that is.

City Window


Day 7
8:30pm March 26, 2014
3rd on 3rd Gallery, Jamestown, NY
Lookin’ out the window

During a break at the last salon of Women Create 2014, I look out the window and at the window – and the two realities merge.



Day 6
8:30am March 25, 2014
Bentley Sanctuary, Jamestown, NY
Reflections in the Creek

I met the Land Use Management committee at Bentley Sanctuary today for a walk-about. It’s spring. But the temperatures were in the teens. I scared up a pair of Wood Ducks. And later, a pair of Mallards. The ice on the creek groaned and cracked. There were plenty of patches of super-slippery ice dusted with a bit of snow trying to deceive me into thinking that it wouldn’t be THAT slippery, really. But it was.