The Vernal Equinox


Day 1

8:30am March 20, 2014
Parking Lot, Audubon Center & Sanctuary, Jamestown, NY
just arrived at work

On Wednesday, March 19th, I attended one of the Women Create salons.  There were four speakers and I took something away from each presentation, as I always do.  Jodi Hopper spoke of pushing through the fear of failing, the perfectionism.  Christy Johnson spoke of the power of photography to capture a moment in time while telling stories.  Two of the presentations wove themselves together in a way that moved me to action.

Sandy Shelenberger said a couple of things that really resonated with me:  She spoke of the therapeutic nature of making art, and she said of art – the more personal it is, the more universal it is.  Hmm…

Catherine Panebianco‘s presentation was the Top Ten Reasons to Do a 365 Project.  It inspired me to begin.  It’s not January 1.  But it is the first day of spring.  And so let me begin, despite the fear of commitment to such a long project, despite the fear of posting junk because who can create great stuff every single day??  Shhh… Just begin.


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