Monthly Archives: May 2014

American Beech


Day 73
7:40am May 31, 2014
Allegany State Park
American Beech

Loved the way the light looked when the sun was coming up.


Washington Street Bridge


Day 72
10:20am May 30, 2014
Riverwalk, Jamestown, NY
Washington Street Bridge

Met with the new coordinator of the Walking Field Trip Program and after hashing out ideas regarding the contract, we went for a stroll along the Riverwalk.

Cherry Leaf Gall


Day 71
8:00pm May 24, 2014
Bergman Park, Jamestown, NY
Cherry Leaf Gall

(If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice I’ve posted a picture from a few days ago for today’s picture. I was really really really hoping to post a picture of a fawn today, but mama moved it before I could find it.)

Ostrich Fern


Day 70
5:10pm May 28, 2014
Audubon Center & Sanctuary, Jamestown, NY
Ostrich Fern

Just a Little Experiment


Day 69
5:45pm May 27, 2014
Audubon Center & Sanctuary, Jamestown, NY
Just a Little Experiment

Yesterday, I sat in my chair for quite a long time reading other people’s blogs. I stumbled across a photographer who does in-camera double exposures where one image is in perfect focus, and the other involves moving the camera. I decided to try to create that effect by taking two images and trying to blend them in Photoshop. I think the result is kind of dream-like. I’ll want to play with this technique a bit more…

Update (June 2, 2014):  A reader pointed out that she would like to know the website/blog that inspired me.  Oops!  Sorry I didn’t list it:  (In particular, this post:

Lily of the Valley


Day 68
7:05pm May 26, 2014
Backyard, Lakewood, NY
Lily of the Valley

Bright Sunny Day


Day 67
6:35pm May 25, 2014
Case & Terrace, Lakewood, NY
Sugar Maple with New Leaves

So uninspired today. Maybe I should have waited till the sun was a little lower in the sky… Bright Sunny Days – not my favorite. I should become nocturnal in Summer.