Painting with Light

Here’s my first attempt using a technique called “painting with light.”

Painting with Light

It’s kind of fun… We had a workshop with Nick Butler of Buffalo State University last week.

Basics:  (1) Put camera on tripod.  (2) Set up the scene.  (3) Small aperture, 30 second shutter speed.  (4)  Make the room black.  Click the shutter release.  Use flashlights to light the areas of the image you want to be exposed.

In thirty seconds, you can easily be in two places in the photo!  If I had actors, you wouldn’t have to see my hand moving the flashlight.

This was just practice.  Hoping to do my official assignment with Deb Eck in her studio!

Here’s another practice using two different flashlights with different colors of light:

Painting with Light


One thought on “Painting with Light

  1. Cindy February 25, 2015 at 8:46 am Reply

    That is pretty cool!

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