Next Up: Street Photography

So… we are to visit the same location at least 5 times shooting 100 shots each time, winnowing it down to ten per day, then eventually 10 for the whole project. We have to use a wide angle lens and do little or no post-processing cropping of the images. Street Photography doesn’t necessarily have to be urban or in the street… but it is to show the human condition.

This will be totally foreign to my normal approach which is mostly nature – with an attempt to eliminate any hint of humans or their built structures. I will need to train my eyes to see things in this built environment, for I am not accustomed to it. And I will need to train myself to include people in my shots.

Today was just practice. I even talked to TWO people asking for permission to take their pictures! Go me.

IMG_3798 Woman w Black dog 1

IMG_3800 Dog in Truck

IMG_3802 Woman w Black dog

IMG_3809 Store Front for Rent

IMG_3818 Liquor Shop Clsed

IMG_3819 Another Store Front for Rent

IMG_3822 Puddle

IMG_3825 Woman with White Dog

Today was practice. I got brave; I talked to and photographed people. I took pictures of built structures. Pattin’ myself on the back now.

I also need to train my eye to recognize a good black and white image.  Any feedback is welcome!


2 thoughts on “Next Up: Street Photography

  1. alphawhiskeyfoxtrot March 15, 2015 at 11:46 pm Reply

    I *so* understand … Sometimes talking to strangers is hard, especially when you’re trying to stay in your zone and focus on the images.

    I photograph everything in black and white, and have been for almost a year. These days, I see everything in monochrome while I’m shooting, whether or not I’m actually using that setting on my camera. And I’ve realized that it took about a month or two of consistent black-and-white for that to happen.

    I guess the moral of the story is just to trust in time and practice. Remember that first day when you realized that you’d been photographing long enough to see *light* differently? Same thing happens with contrast.

    So it’s probably just a matter of time. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Schlick March 16, 2015 at 6:06 am Reply

    thank you, Ashley! I’ll try to be patient with myself. Did you put your camera on the monochrome setting to help you see that way as you snap?

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