Walkin’ The Dog; Feeling Nostalgic

IMG_4022 Elementary School For Sale

For our Street Photography assignment, we had to pick a place we could visit frequently.  I’m living at mom’s house right now – my childhood home – and my daily walk takes me along a road that parallels the lake shore, then down the main street of the village, and back another lake shore parallel one block further from the lake itself.

IMG_4023 School For Sale Sign

These are the same sidewalks I walked and biked as a kid.  Things are so different now.  I took the above picture on the block where the elementary school once sat.  It was torn down in 2005 and chopped up into lots.  Ten years later, only two of those lots have houses – new and fancy – so out of place next to the more modest homes that were first built in this neighborhood.

The developers named the block “Schoolhouse Square” or something like that. Silly. There is no hint whatsoever that a school ever stood here. That name will mean nothing to potential homeowners, unless perhaps they attended the elementary school and still feel nostalgic.

IMG_4036Schoolhouse Square Sign_1

I took this photo in 2005 when the building was being gutted before final demolition.  I learned how to read behind that bottom right window:

Corner near Bentley Avenue

Mr. Weiss, the high school chemistry teacher used to take all the class photos. Here is my first grade class:

Miss Elleman's First Grade - Lakewood


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