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Slide Show with Voice-Over

Our assignment was to tell a compelling story by making a slideshow with voice-over. I asked several people to participate in the project but each one turned me down. So here is my own little story.

I cheated by using old photos. But hey: I learned a lot about making “movies” and recording sound and all that jazz. So I’m psyched. Not sure my teacher will give me an A, but I’m giving myself an A!


And a composite…

And here’s a composite from yesterday’s two experiments:

IMG_0107 Sky with Butterfly w Color Efex

Night Sky

Well, this is my first attempt, but I’m pretty psyched!




And my favorite:


More Practicing


IMG_3188 Mourning Cloak wing fixed

Just Practicing

Just practicing cutting things out from their backgrounds… Hoping this skill will come in handy for our next assignment in making composites… ¬†Used a combination of Quick Select, Refine Edge – then some fine tuning of the mask created with Refine Edge…

IMG_1798 Girl Taking Photo IMG_1808 Woman Taking Pictures IMG_1852 Carrot IMG_2217 Leaf

Maddie Was Never Standing In That Exact Position!

When Maddie and I went to Colorado and New Mexico to check out grad schools, we took a lot of pictures. The one I took of her photographing a landscape had a very neutral, washed out background. I decided to try and overlay it with a landscape she MIGHT have been photographing.

IMG_6563 CO-NM Layers

After using the levels tool to whiten the background behind Maddie even more, I multiplied it with the sky layer. Then Maddie needed a layer mask so I could erase the scene from her body and camera.

It still needs a little work. I seem to have left a bit of a halo around Maddie’s head, and there’s a void on the edge of the photo… Looks like there might still be a little landscape on her arms and shoulder, too… Fun technique, though!

Becoming My Mother

This idea has been rattling around in the back of my head for a long time: to overlay a picture of my daughter with a picture of me, or a picture of my mother with a picture of me – to show family resemblance.

I had already messed around with the picture of mom – originally part of a group shot. I practiced with selection and refine edge in Photoshop to remove the background and place her in front of some blurred out beach grass.

The other day, I was going through my pictures looking for stuff to experiment with and I found a selfy in which I am facing the camera at approximately the same angle as mom. It wasn’t the same size, nor was it exactly the right angle, but I thought I’d give it a go.

IMG_6430 - Becoming my Mother

I used Edit->Transform->Rotate, Scale, and Skew to get my face to line up over mom’s. I messed around with opacity until it seemed about right, then took it over to Nik Silver Efex Pro for some finishing.

In some of the experiments I got rid of the hard edges of my portrait, but in the end, I liked it with the edges best… sort of a frame within a frame.