Messing around with Layers

IMG_9299 Tree and Lake Composite

This image is made up of 3 layers: a dramatic sky and a lake surface I took back in May of 2014, and the tree which I took just the other day. When I took the tree, the sky was very neutral – almost white.

I used a levels layer on the tree, taking the white point sampler to brighten the sky to white, then multiplied that layer with the clouds. The clouds filled in wherever there was white. Then I layed the water over all and lowered the opacity just to give it an all-over wrinkly texture. Finally, I took it into Nik’s Color Efex Pro and applied one of the pre-sets (can’t remember which one just now).

Can you tell the tree is stretched from side to side or do I just see it because I know what the tree really looks like?

Oh, also: The finished image ended being date-stamped with the date the bottom layer was shot. Interesting. I imagine there’s a way to change that date stamp to show when the new creation was constructed…


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