The final assignment for my photography class was to create a complex composite image using Photoshop that is concept-driven.  We had to come up with the idea first, then execute.  This is not my forte.

I remembered seeing an exhibit at the Crary in Warren, Pennsylvania by Deborah Orloff titled “Holzwege.”  (Click here.)  I loved those images.  And I loved the notion of the title – a German compound word that has no one-word English translation.  (Holzwege = woodway.  In English we would call it a logging road.)

I wrote to Norbert and asked him for a German compound word to translate into pictures.  He gave me Luftaufsichtsbaracke, a word he has only ever heard in a song.  I used online translation sites to translate each word:

Luft = Air
Auf = on
Sicht = View
Baracke = Shack

Then you start putting them together:

Aufsicht = supervision
Luftaufsicht = air traffic control

My mind started envisioning a woman, standing outside her shack, supervising a sky that gradually changes from day to night filled with a variety of creatures in flight.

Here they are in black and white and in color:

LuftAufsichtsBaracke-NIK BW

LuftAufsichtsBaracke-NIK Color

I’d love your thoughts.
Thank you!

P.S. Thank you to Tom LeBlanc (whose permission I did not request – but if I make a million dollars off this image, I’ll split it with him). The bat is the only photo I didn’t take in this collage. Thanks also to Naomi who is my Air Supervisor.


2 thoughts on “Luftaufsichtsbaracke

  1. Artful abuela May 4, 2015 at 9:50 pm Reply

    the color! the color! not sure why. adds dimension. makes the image pop. you can see all of the winged creatures. sometimes when i look in my back yard i feel that there is an air-born highway for all of the insects and birds that pass through at any given moment. maybe there is an invisible air traffic controller that keeps everything moving smoothly! i love this concept and how you carry it out so flawlessly.

  2. naomidreamer17 May 5, 2015 at 6:49 pm Reply

    So amazing and beautiful!! Glad to have been a part of this.

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