Driveway Art

One of my chores at the Nature Center is the mail.  Sometimes, I take the outgoing mail on my way out and drop it in a post office box.  Sometimes, I walk it out to the roadside mailbox and put up the red flag.

On may way out to that this week, my eye was drawn by reflections in the puddles on the surface of the blacktop, and the way the yellow arrow seemed to float on top of it all.

DSC00425 This Way Color

When I turned it to black and white, I loved the way the reflections of the branches showed up in the arrow.

DSC00425 This Way BW

Later in the afternoon, after I was sure the mail carrier had been by to pick up the outgoing mail and leave the new stuff, a vehicle passed me as I walked out. I noticed the vehicle was dripping fluids onto the wet driveway. The colors were extreme, and the patterns were interesting.

I converted each to black and white to emphasize the patterns.

DSC00428 Driveway Art Color

DSC00428 Driveway Art BW

DSC00433 Driveway Art Color

DSC00433 Driveway Art BW

This is my favorite:
DSC00430 Driveway Sunburst-Color

DSC00430 Driveway Sunburst BW

By the time I walked to the mailbox and started back, the fluids had evaporated destroying the colors and patterns.  Right place, right time.


One thought on “Driveway Art

  1. A // W // F December 3, 2015 at 7:37 pm Reply

    This is just magical. Much love to you, lady. I like how you see the world. 🙂

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