Monthly Archives: March 2016

Vernal Pool Editing Steps

I took this shot in the rain in the afternoon with my Sony DSC-RX100 point and shoot. Here it is straight out of the camera:


Step One: Crop for overall composition.
Of course I try to compose things in camera as much as possible. For this image, I only wanted to the change the aspect ratio from 2X3 (the way it came out of the camera) to 3×4. I like to crop in Camera Raw. It’s just easier.


Step Two: Remove distractions.
After the initial crop, I took it into Photoshop. I spent a lot of time looking at it, noticing where my eyes would go, paying attention to distractions. Then I used Content Aware Fill to remove the distractions (Edit->Fill…).


Step Three: Adjust the Histogram
Next I added a Levels layer to adjust the histogram, giving a little more differentiation between the light, midtone, and dark areas of the image.


Step Four: Saturation/Hue
Finally, I added a Saturation/Hue layer to punch up the colors a bit. I love the way this layer brought some more detail to the underwater leaves, as well as bringing a bit of blue to the water.


Thoughts? Critique? Suggestions?