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Having a Smoke

IMG_7555 Woman Having a Smoke BW.jpg

Is this anything?


Just Some BWs from a Gallery Opening

Daffodils Editing Steps

I loved these poor snow covered flowers.   Here’s the original:

IMG_7459 copy-1 Original

First step, I took it into Camera Raw to adjust the exposure a bit and remove some of the distractions:

IMG_7459-2 Camera Raw

Next, into Photoshop where I (1) unlocked and duplicated the base layer.  (2) Then on the bottom layer, I used Edit->Transform ->Flip Vertical.  (3) On the second layer, I used a layer mask so I could remove the distractions in the upper right corner, replacing them with snow.

IMG_7459-without Levels

Finally, I added a Levels layer so I could brighten things up by adjusting the histogram: