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Having a Smoke

IMG_7555 Woman Having a Smoke BW.jpg

Is this anything?



I love the white white bark of the Quaking Aspens… So I exaggerated it in this black and white.

IMG_6484 Aspens

Alder Bottom, Chautauqua County, New York

Emulating Jerry 2




IMG_1398 Lakeshore Gallery BW

Lakeshore Gallery – Jennifer Schlick

Emulating Jerry

I’ve felt stuck, creatively speaking.  Then someone (was it you Debra Eck?) posted a link to an article by Todd Henry called The Four Phases of Developing Your Creative Voice.


1-Discovery Phase

  • What new ideas or skills are obsessing me right now?
  • Where is my curiosity leading me next?
  • Who are the handful “best in class” practitioners of this particular skill or craft, and what can I learn from them?

2-Emulation Phase

  • Which “mentor works” of my heroes should I immerse myself in, and emulate, in order to build my skills?
  • Which daily, repeatable practices should I engage in as I continue to close the gap between my taste and my skills? Maybe this is a daily writing regimen, creating spec work, or practicing a skill in front of a mirror.

3-Divergence Phase

  • Where am I stuck emulating, and how can I take a strategic risk with my work?
  • How do I need to push myself out of the comfort zone so I can add unique value?
  • What new opportunities do I see, and need to uniquely pursue with my work?

4-Crisis Phase

  • What is the next frontier of growth for me, in order to continue pursuing mastery of my craft?
  • Where am I protecting my reputation, when I should be striving for growth?
  • What is inspiring me right now, and how might I begin to incorporate it into my work through emulation?

I have long been wanting to create digital composites, but the ideas just don’t come.  So, to continue developing my vision and my skills, I’ve picked Jerry Uelsmann for some Emulation Exercises.



Jerry Uelsmann

Mine (please remember!  this is just practice!!):

IMG_5569 Jerry Uelsmann Tree BW

Emulating Jerry Uelsmann – by Jennifer Schlick

And I am totally blown away by the fact that Jerry does his with film and in the darkroom. Oh Jerry. I worship you.

Blended Landscapes

On Sunday, my sister and I went to Chautauqua Gorge.  I intentionally took photos with the idea of blending them later in Photoshop.  (I have this notion to do a whole series of “blended landscapes” in which I make a single image from several shots taken all at the same spot.)  I didn’t have a particular plan in mind.  Still, I tried to make shots that I thought would blend well with others.  For example, I shot some sun-drenched beech leaves against a dark background, and slowed my shutter to get a blurred waterfall.  I shot a lot of textures in the rocks.

Then, at the computer, I just started playing.  Here’s my little experiment.

Chautauqua Gorge

I’m still trying to learn the blending modes. I found this wonderful explanation in words! (I love that the author offers to tell us what the modes do, not show us. I guess I need to be able to explain something in order to feel like I’ve learned it.)

Each of the blend modes in the Darken group have an opposite (complementary) mode in the Lighten group. These “opposites” use slightly different math to arrive at their results, but the logic they use is similar but reversed. For example, with the Darken blend mode, if the pixels on the active layer are darker than the ones on the layers below, they are kept in the image. The opposite blend mode to Darken is Lighten, and with the Lighten blend mode, if the pixels on the active layer are lighter than the ones on the layers below, they are kept in the image.

(The emphasis is mine.)  Bingo!  That little sentence fragment was exactly what I needed to read!  For this image, I experimented solely with the “Lighten” blend mode. I also needed to use masks to soften edges and let certain parts of layers show through. It was a good learning exercise!

Or how about in color?

Or how about in color?

Carol’s Backyard

Carol was the winning bidder at the Audubon auction last fall for a private photography lesson. While she was shooting with her Nikon film camera, I managed these shots with my digital one.

IMG_5260 Trees by Pond Rectangle

IMG_5284 Two Wood Piles

IMG_5299 Wood Pile

IMG_5279 Grapes

There’s no way this one should be in Black and White:

IMG_5261-Pink Lily

Fun day!


IMG_5117 Geese on Sidewalk