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Having a Smoke

IMG_7555 Woman Having a Smoke BW.jpg

Is this anything?



DSC00105 Fairies

I might have to try the shutter priority mode on this new little camera to see if I can freeze motion on these little fairies. Assuming they will come out again tomorrow. Hmm…

New Little Camera

Well, I looked around (on the web) and settled on the SONY Cyber-shot DSC-RX100. It’s a little point-and-shoot – not GPS enabled. I waffled between this and a similarly priced Canon. I got this because it had a bigger sensor, a Carl Zeiss lens, and was a tiny bit less than the Canon.

I took it for a spin today, in a distracted sort of way. The first part of the day, I was surrounded by Cub Scouts. The second part I had the dog on one wrist and the camera on the other…

So here are some of my first shots with this camera:

DSC00058 Feeding Chickadees
We tried to feed Chickadees by hand this morning. This little guy came closest to success, but, alas… the birds weren’t hungry enough, I guess.

DSC00060 Dad and Son
This little guy and his dad were awesome! The little guy won my heart with his gentlemanly manner.

DSC00068 My Guy Tree Tunnel
Yep. That’s him again.

DSC00079 Brick and Moss Sidewalk
On to Lakewood and a walk-about with the dog. The textures and colors caught my eye.

DSC00082 Swings
Swings. Enough said.

DSC00083 Leaves in Creek
Leaves in the Creek

DSC00091 Heart Wood
Wood siding on a storage shed at Packard Field.

DSC00098 Bridge
When I was little, we just went through the creek. Today’s kids get this bridge. Wimps.

I’m still getting used to the camera. But I think I’m going to like it! There are many features I haven’t explored yet. Having fun!

Composite Experiment

I took these pictures last January at France Brook Road in Allegany State Park:


Closeup of oxidation patterns on a bridge:
IMG_2676 Bridge detail 1

Closeup of lichens growing on a bridge:
IMG_2675 Bridge detail 2

I layered them, adjusting the blending layers and then finishing with a Nik color efex layer:
IMG_2696 France Brook Composite

I’m very pleased with the result. But, I really need to start writing down what steps I take to create things… Right now, it’s just so random and experimental! I would never be able to repeat it…

Deer Trail – Before and After

I’m trying to practice something every day. Here’s a deer trail photo I took on Dec 26, 2014 with only a couple of minor adjustments to highlights and shadows to get a good histogram.

IMG_2512 Before

I took it into Nik Color Efex and applied the Sunlight and Detail Extraction filters. Then, back in Photoshop I dodged and burned a bit, then discovered by accident the Sponge Tool. I should have saved a version in between before applying the Sponge Tool – which allows you to selectively desaturate colors. It was the perfect tool to bring out the deer trail and to tone down the yellows a bit after it came out of Nik.

IMG_2512 After

I think the yellows are still a little too intense… but I’m glad to have learned about the sponge tool!

Another Sky Supervisor

Here’s Crin as Sky Supervisor:

Night Sky w Crin BW Niked

Luna Moth

So, the first version was this:
IMG_0107 Sky with Butterfly w Color Efex

I love the colors, but the naturalist in me is bothered by having a diurnal butterfly in a night sky. So I tried it again with a nocturnal moth:
IMG_7672 Luna Moth on Night Sky