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My laptop died, so while I decide how I want to replace it, I’ve been using my tablet to edit pictures using a free app called Snapseed. I’m pretty pleased with the results, both for straight up corrections, as well as for some fun filters and effects.





Have you tried it? Any recommendations for other android photo editing apps?

Wedding Conversations

I have no idea what they were saying. They don’t seem to remember, either.

Clear Seeing

Once again, I returned to Chautauqua to lead a program based on the book “The Practice of Contemplative Photography.” ¬†And I practiced a bit, too:

Just a Leaf

DSC01889 Simplicity.jpg

Lamp Post

DSC01888 Lamp Post BW.jpg

I Just Like the Woods Better

IMG_7581 Red Trillium BW IMG_7597 Feather BW

Having a Smoke

IMG_7555 Woman Having a Smoke BW.jpg

Is this anything?