Having a Smoke

IMG_7555 Woman Having a Smoke BW.jpg

Is this anything?


Just Some BWs from a Gallery Opening

Daffodils Editing Steps

I loved these poor snow covered flowers.   Here’s the original:

IMG_7459 copy-1 Original

First step, I took it into Camera Raw to adjust the exposure a bit and remove some of the distractions:

IMG_7459-2 Camera Raw

Next, into Photoshop where I (1) unlocked and duplicated the base layer.  (2) Then on the bottom layer, I used Edit->Transform ->Flip Vertical.  (3) On the second layer, I used a layer mask so I could remove the distractions in the upper right corner, replacing them with snow.

IMG_7459-without Levels

Finally, I added a Levels layer so I could brighten things up by adjusting the histogram:



Vernal Pool Editing Steps

I took this shot in the rain in the afternoon with my Sony DSC-RX100 point and shoot. Here it is straight out of the camera:


Step One: Crop for overall composition.
Of course I try to compose things in camera as much as possible. For this image, I only wanted to the change the aspect ratio from 2X3 (the way it came out of the camera) to 3×4. I like to crop in Camera Raw. It’s just easier.


Step Two: Remove distractions.
After the initial crop, I took it into Photoshop. I spent a lot of time looking at it, noticing where my eyes would go, paying attention to distractions. Then I used Content Aware Fill to remove the distractions (Edit->Fill…).


Step Three: Adjust the Histogram
Next I added a Levels layer to adjust the histogram, giving a little more differentiation between the light, midtone, and dark areas of the image.


Step Four: Saturation/Hue
Finally, I added a Saturation/Hue layer to punch up the colors a bit. I love the way this layer brought some more detail to the underwater leaves, as well as bringing a bit of blue to the water.


Thoughts? Critique? Suggestions?

Shoe Room

It’s haunted, just so you know…

DSC00638 Shoe Room

Paint Room

Took a walk down memory lane at the community theatre where we used to be involved in shows. This little scene caught my eye… had to capture it.

DSC00641 Paint Room

Starburst with Trees

DSC00430 Driveway Sunburst-Color with Trees