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Multiflora Rose


When did this leaf come out? Is it a remnant of last summer? Or was it coaxed out early by our mild winter?




Back lighting, shadows, and reflections. These are all themes that show up a lot in my work, I’ve noticed. Today – no reflections. But plenty of back lighting and shadows.


What Color is Snow?


I was fascinated by the way the sun cast shadows around the lumps of snow – thrown up by the snowplow, then covered by a fresh coat of sparkles. In other places the wind had sculpted the piles into sharper shapes.


I could have stayed there for a long time filling my memory card with snow. But the dogs had other ideas.

Tree Shadow on Brick Wall


Bergman Park, NY

Chautauqua Institution Series


Manhole Cover

I was asked by the Bird, Tree & Garden Club at Chautauqua Institution to lead a walk on August 13, 2012. I suggested a Contemplative Photography Walk. In preparation for that, I decided to go up to Chautauqua several times between now and then and do some shooting. Today was my first day. It was predicted to be sunny in the morning; I missed the 35-second window, and it was bitterly cold. Still, I snapped off quite a few.

When you think of Chautauqua, you think of the iconic Bell Tower, Athenaeum Hotel, Hall of Philosophy, Norton Hall, Amphitheater, and so on. I purposefully avoided them all. Instead, I walked the narrow streets staying open to that flash of perception. Here are some of the things that caught eye:

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Snowy Beech


Bergman Park, Jamestown, NY

It’s a little bit different than a sandy beach.

After the Storm Blues


Bergman Park, Jamestown NY