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Interiors: Chair by the Window

I set my camera on the “Monochrome” setting and shot a few things round the house. I was surprised that when I got them into LightRoom, the color information was still all there. Hmm… Clicked Grayscale, moved a few sliders back and forth.

Chair by the Window
Chair by the Window

Another Challenge

I was issued another challenge yesterday – to pick a photographer and create an image as an homage.

Hugh Wood Tower

I had this photo by Tina Modotti in mind when I made mine:

Oh dear.  Now that I see them side by side I see mine has a long way to capture the essence of what I wanted…  Always something to learn!


I didn’t do so well with the 365 day challenge.  It was too long.  I made to 150-something.  Which is remarkable.  For me.

Smaller challenges work better, though sometimes I’m resistant.  For example, I was tapped by a fellow photographer to post 3 black and white pictures – one a day – tapping another photographer to play along each day.  I ignored it.  Then a second photographer asked me.  Then a third.  I finally played along, though not totally following the rules.

Here are the photos I posted:


Elderberry Skeletons

Sweet Gum Leaves

I don’t really know what I’m doing in converting color photos to black and white. I hope to be learning some techniques this spring in a photo class I’ll be taking!

Sweet Gum With Shadows


4:00pm November 11, 2014
Audubon Center & Sanctuary, Jamestown, NY
Sweet Gum Leaves with Twig Shadow

Elderberry Skeleton


3:30pm November 11, 2014
Audubon Center & Sanctuary, Jamestown, NY
Elderberry Skeleton

More Japanese Maple

Just can’t stop taking pictures of the Japanese Maple leaves: