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Japanese Maple

A possible tree series?

IMG_2057 Japanese Maple


Fern Reflections

IMG_1091 Fern Reflections

Just messing around with photo editing…

Sunrise – Routes 60 & 62

Sunrise: Routes 60 & 62

Just practicing editing my photos… This one – straightened, cropped and basic adjustments in Camera Raw, then some work in Nik Color Efex.

Here’s the “before” – straight from camera:

IMG_1014 copy Before

Composite Experiment

I took these pictures last January at France Brook Road in Allegany State Park:


Closeup of oxidation patterns on a bridge:
IMG_2676 Bridge detail 1

Closeup of lichens growing on a bridge:
IMG_2675 Bridge detail 2

I layered them, adjusting the blending layers and then finishing with a Nik color efex layer:
IMG_2696 France Brook Composite

I’m very pleased with the result. But, I really need to start writing down what steps I take to create things… Right now, it’s just so random and experimental! I would never be able to repeat it…

Deer Trail – Before and After

I’m trying to practice something every day. Here’s a deer trail photo I took on Dec 26, 2014 with only a couple of minor adjustments to highlights and shadows to get a good histogram.

IMG_2512 Before

I took it into Nik Color Efex and applied the Sunlight and Detail Extraction filters. Then, back in Photoshop I dodged and burned a bit, then discovered by accident the Sponge Tool. I should have saved a version in between before applying the Sponge Tool – which allows you to selectively desaturate colors. It was the perfect tool to bring out the deer trail and to tone down the yellows a bit after it came out of Nik.

IMG_2512 After

I think the yellows are still a little too intense… but I’m glad to have learned about the sponge tool!


I’m just having a blast going through my old pictures and editing using Nik to edit.

IMG_0751 After

IMG_0814 Gabby Nik'ed

IMG_0816 Chau Gorge Nik'ed

IMG_0855 Chau Gorge Nik'ed

Before and After

A little editing makes a big difference.

IMG_0680 Before IMG_0680 Nik'ed

Left:  straight out of the camera; Right: a few edits using the Nik Collection.